HOPE… Hope is all Mr. James Mendall had to start his journey with us at Carmel Health and Living. Before his arrival, he was in a coma at St Vincent Hospital. He was suffering from a life-threatening case of diverticulitis and the physicians weren’t sure if he would pull through his surgery. He stayed in the coma for a month and as he came out, he realized that he lost most of his physical facilities. His prognosis was poor. But he had HOPE. He came to us with his mind made up that he was going to get better. He had to relearn everything. And that is just what he did. He spent 5 months at Carmel Health and Living and improved every day.

“Each step has been a part of the journey. Starting to eat solid foods, sitting up at the side of the bed. Doing things by yourself. I’m very happy to get home in the condition I’m in. Maggie my therapist! She is as sweet as she can be. She helped me get out of bed and get dressed a lot. And Suzette my nurse was very quick and very good at everything. She spent the most time with me, but there are a lot of great nurses here,” said Mr. Mendall.

We love to see our residents be successful. HOPE is Everything!