Feel like yourself again.

Get the results you’ve always wanted. Our rehabilitation program is proven to work. No matter what kind of therapy you need, we’ll create a specific plan just for you. With our expert team of nurses and physical therapists, we can get you back to normal without pain. You’ll love the results you see.

Our short-term rehabilitation program specializes in treating people who have experienced cardiovascular, neurological, or orthopedic challenges such as strokes or hip fractures. In addition, our short-term rehabilitation staff provides numerous therapies, including:

  • Physical, Occupational, or Speech Therapy
  • VitalStim for swallowing impairments
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Intravenous therapy
  • Anodyne therapy for treating neuropathy, wounds, chronic pain and arthritis
  • Accelerated Care Plus (ACP) to speed recovery and reduce pain and swelling following joint replacement surgery
  • Post-acute rehabilitative care for stroke, heart attack, amputation, balance dysfunction, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and other neuromuscular diseases
  • OmniStand Dynamic Balance System
  • Geriatric Enhanced Modalities

Rehabilitation Services and Amenities Include:

  • Private suites with a private restroom and shower, flat screen TV and kitchenette
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • Three delicious restaurant-style meals served daily
  • Individualized care assessment and personalized care plan
  • Large therapy gym
  • Home Transitions area
  • Daily planned activities and programs

Let’s get moving.

At Carmel Health & Living, our skilled team of physical therapists and nurses are ready to get you back to optimal health, without lingering pain. Through exercises, massage, and revolutionary techniques, we’ll be there every step of the way. Plus, you’ll get personalized treatments and real results. It’s a program designed specifically for you.

Ease back into your daily routine.

At Carmel Health & Living, all of your occupational therapy needs can be met right on site. Our skilled therapists focus on improving your ability to perform daily tasks. Our program is unique. Instead of focusing on one part of the body, we treat the whole person. With wellness and rehabilitation, you’ll get back to being fully engaged in your daily life.

Communication with care.

If you or a loved one needs speech therapy, you can find it here at Carmel Health & Living Community. Whether you need extra care due to a swallowing disorder such as Dysphagia, or have a speech or language impairment, our caring staff is here to help address each person’s individual needs. Our approach is simple. We treat you like family, with care and compassion.

What’s STARS?

The STARS program is available at Carmel Health & Living and other CarDon communities. It stands for Specialized Therapeutic and Rehabilitative Services. It focuses on inpatient and outpatient short-term rehabilitation. Through cutting-edge therapies, person-centered care and attention to detail, this program helps brings people to their optimal health and functioning as quickly as possible.

Accelerated Care Plus

ACP Logo

CarDon partners with Accelerated Care Plus (ACP). The nation’s leading provider of integrated clinical programs for sub-acute and long-term care rehabilitation providers. ACP combines specialized treatment programs, innovative medical technology, evidence-based clinical protocols, and advanced therapist training to ensure patients they’re receiving the very best in rehabilitation services. For more information visit the ACP website.

Heading home?

If it’s time to go home, the Carmel Health & Living Community’s in-home transition program is specifically designed with you in mind. Our staff provides home evaluations to make sure your return home is safe and successful. We’ll take the worry out of your return. Plus, we provide continuing support to residents and their families, focusing on wellness and independence.


It is a very nice facility. The bedrooms are huge and the food is good. I have gained weight and am improving.

- Jonathan B.